Stop Dog BarkingAmong the more common complaints conveyed by dog owners….and their neighbors, is dog barking. Barking is as instinctive to a dog as speaking is for humans. It’s not always bad because the barking can help as a territorial warning sign when an intruder is in the area or to attract the family’s attention in times of trouble. Canines also bark in times of frustration, anxiousness, indecisiveness and when apart from their family. Health issues might also contribute to the outbursts, especially in senior dogs. When searching for methods on how to stop dog barking, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

How Dog Barking Problems Can Usually Be Prevented

In order to prevent excessive and unnecessary dog barking, it’s best to first get your pet acclimated to being around strangers and the local surroundings where the animal will be spending most of its time. The dog should be given the opportunity to get accustomed to as many different people, other dogs and animals, noises and situations as is possible in an effort to lower the intensity or frequency of alarm barking. Barking needs to be controlled and stopped prior to the dog becoming distraught and uncontrollable and the barking should only be tolerated in instances where it is being used to warn the owner. Owner control, training and leadership are vital to achieve success.

How to Stop Dog Barking When You’re Not At Home

You can reduce a dog’s tension level when it’s left at home in a crate by implementing proper crate training techniques. This is particularly  important after getting a new dog. The dog should gradually be conditioned to spend increasingly more time alone. Your dog may be distressed by separation anxiety if barking occurs for lengthy periods of time after you’ve left. Picking up another dog as a companion often reduces alarm barking and departure anxiety by providing some company for your pet. In severe cases of separation anxiety, it could be necessary to discuss viable treatment options with your veterinarian.

How to Stop Dog Barking When They Want AttentionHow to Stop Dog Barking

You don’t want to reinforce your dog’s attention getting barking by offering any form of response, even occasionally. Dog owners often encourage the attention getting outbursts by giving in to their pet’s demands. Rewarding this type of barking behavior will only result in even more lasting problems with the animal’s barking. Just a few instances where a dog owner may unknowingly be encouraging attention barking is by allowing the barking dog to come inside the home, feeding, giving praise, cuddling, playing with him, giving a plaything, or even by simply going close to the barking dog to try to quiet it down.

In many of the dog barking cases, the probabilities are pretty good that the issues can be corrected. In some situations, it might not be possible as you are going to have to let the dog bark for extended periods since you don’t want to encourage barking to get attention. If you have got a sleeping toddler in the home, even a small amount of barking will be a problem. For those residing close to their neighbors, especially those who live in townhouses or apartments, letting a dog to bark for extended time periods could become a disturbance problem. The motivation behind the dog’s barking problem is a key ingredient to the successfulness of any training method that is being used to correct a barking problem. Some of the reasons the dog might be barking excessively could be so strong that it can be extremely difficult to stop. When implementing any type of behavior training, you will need to have lots of patience. For puppies, the total amount of training time needed may be only a month or two, but for senior dogs, it could take a lot longer to change their current barking habits.

Dog Barking Problems

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