Hello and welcome to All Natural Dog Remedies!

I’m Dr. Geraldine Simonis, DVM…everyone just calls me Dr. Jerry. I’m a strong advocate of using all natural treatments for dogs in cases where I believe a natural dog remedy is just as effective or better than conventional forms of treatment. As one of a growing number of holistic veterinarians who believe in providing holistic treatments for dogs, I hope that through this website I can help spread the word that homeopathic and herbal treatments for dogs are not only safer than using steroids and other forms of conventional treatments, but more effective as well.

Herbal dog remedies have been around much longer than conventional forms of treatment. How do you think canines and other animals that live in the wild are able to survive and cure themselves without the use of drugs and the aid of a veterinarian? They use what nature has provided for them, herbal remedies. There are a large number of herbs that have medicinal and healing qualities, but large drug companies can provide higher profits to their shareholders by producing drugs from chemicals rather than from herbs. Unfortunately, many of these drugs have harmful side effects that could end up doing more harm then good for your canine.

In my posts, I will be providing recommendations of natural treatments for dogs that in my experience have provided great results. However, you should always take your dog to a veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and while there, you can discuss these recommended treatment options.

I sincerely hope that you and your dog live a long and happy life together….naturally!

Dr. Jerry